Crolive cam - 1005ha updating bios 1301

When I inserted a usb stick to boot off of, the computer couldn't see it as a bootable medium, and gave no indication that it saw the usb at all. It seems that the simplest solution is to upgrade the bios, but the current one can't see the usb drive.

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To see a list of models and there upgrade results scroll down to the "Tested Models" section. Press F10 to save changes and proceed to normal boot. 701SD Model: Got hold of, unpacked it to 701SD-ASUS-0602. 1000 Linux Model: Success updating to BIOS version 0803 on a 1000 (Linux model). ROM") on FAT16 USB key partition, using Alt F2 method. Feb 2011 1015PE: Same method worked for upgrade to 1015PE-ASUS-1301. Jan 2016 1005PE: Successfully upgraded to 1005P-ASUS-1202. ROM") on FAT16 USB key partition, using Alt F2 method. To determine the best version for your scenario, check successfull combinations below: 3. UNet Bootin can be used for this and has Free DOS listed as one of the default distros is can flash. Once flashed, copy the BIOS's ROM-file and AFUDOS. The files should go on the root of same partition as and

If you have experience with an unlisted model or additional experience with a listed model, please edit the page and add your notes. 2G Surf) Model: Download, extract 700-ASUS-0401. Note that the upgrade will reset the bios settings (there are a just a few, anyway). 1000HE only available with windows OS: Successfully updated bios with 1000HE. Apr 2014 1215N: Successfully upgraded to 1215N-ASUS-0902. ROM") using the smallest USB stick i could find (256 MB FAT 16) and the Alt F2 method.

Press ESC while waiting for BIOS to trigger boot-menu.

Go to C:, where you should find the extra files you copied to the USB stick. At the end the procedure will ask you to power the machine off, remove the USB and restart it 5) When you boot it the new bios configuration utility will show up for you to configure some stuff just like boot order priority etc, just do what you need and save it 6) Congratulations!

In this walk through, I demonstrate how to prepare a USB drive for flashing and updating the BIOS with the latest build. Get your updates from As always, you are responsible for all things you expose your system to.

Please pay close attention to this tutorial if your model of Eee PC is different as you will need to make some slight changes to the file.

4) During POST press ALT F2 and the Bios Update Utility will start looking for USB Device, it will find yours and will start reading the 1000file, once done it will delete the current bios and then will replace it with the new one.

Insert the USB Pen Drive or USB Card Reader with the bios on it and boot the machine.

Also I was hit by bug but the workaround in the ticket worked fine. Our book will give you the knowledge to run your site on a speedy, scalable and secure server! Tip: Receive your free Chapter by joining our mailing list!

This should backup the old ROM and flash the new one. You can get the bios and the BUPDATER utility from the . Fill in your name and email and receive our ebook ' How to update your PC BIOS in 3 easy steps' (15$ value), free BIOS tips and updates about Wim's BIOS! Do you feel that your site slowlyness is killing sales or traffic?

Upon completion you should be told to power off your PC. 901: Updated successfully from 1503 to 2103 using Free DOS 1.0, AFUDOS 2.38. Eee PC 1015PEM: Updated successfully to 0901 using Free DOS 1.0, but using BUPDATER 1.16 instead of AFUDOS.

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