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There will be a people that will shift the economy of America, and you will see My glory zeal.” © 2016, Z3 News.

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“A new historic change will be created as a classified course of action shall be found in America.

This nation after next year (2016) will never quite be the same.

When you get the blank stare, it’s time for a quick, cheery wrap-up with a reference to the weather or how great the school staff is this year.

So the superficial story usually wins: “Well, these days I’m mostly a Dad, and I do some carpentry while he’s in school.” But an even bigger disconnect comes during my travels around town.

And it will be so, that even those of different races and ethnic groups will be more popular in the census than white European Americans.” “The old America is fading as a new nation takes root, and a certain Presidential candidate is trying so hard to hold on because even he knows that if he loses, what he knew in America will be lost.” “That is what is coming, sayeth the Lord.

And this nation will never be the same, for in this next decade, everything will change. And great wisdom will be known as technology advances before the dawn of its destiny, and so it shall come that men and women will no longer be afraid because of major changes coming to the medical science.

In the weeks to come, the news will say, “Suicide bomber stopped”.

A major military ship intervention will begin or a military ship will be on the news. An attack will be attempted, or threaten a Presidential candidate.

For one thing, there’s the whole issue of being 11 years into semi-retirement, which makes any discussion of work schedules, mortgages and debt, or even overall goals in life a challenge: you either make up a superficial cover story or you open up a huge can of worms that will take an hour to explain.

Unless you are lucky enough to be conversing with another highly abnormal person, this conversation can quickly turn to a blank stare – the normal people don’t quite understand the idea of deliberately working hard even if you don’t have to, or not buying stuff even when you can afford to buy it.

For a new medical breakthrough will begin in this century, which will allow humans to live much longer in the earth than in previous decades and even centuries.

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