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The NVIDIA Ge Force line of GT and GTX line of video cards work fairly well with Rhino. In fact, in some cases they have been slower then the 200 or 300 series cards.

Driver writers spend months fine tuning their code to get certain benchmarks to yield better results. All it proves is that that specific benchmark ran better or worse on a specific GPU.

We recommend cards with as much video memory as possible.

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Rhino 5 SR11 runs on Intel HD4000 and newer chipsets.

Common hardware that includes these newer chipsets are 13“ Apple Mac Books and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. If after testing, your Windows Rhino performance is better than when it is unchecked (Software Emulation mode), keep it checked.

Rhino just doesn't work that way most of time (like 95%).

Rhino's display just sits idle, doing nothing. Ge Force FX 400 and 500 series) do work, but are not showing the performance increase we expect from the more expensive cards.

Many Rhino 5 features use Open GL like shaded or rendered display mode and analysis modes.

The performance will not be great using those new features but they may work ok, which might be more desirable than not working at all.

Rhino uses Open GL to display your model in the viewports.

The best Open GL cards for Rhino are designed for workstation graphics.

It’s more likely that the benchmarks are only mentioned or available when they test better.

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