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He added: 'You don’t know how frequently those yoga mats are being cleaned between classes, and you can cut out the guesswork by just bringing your own.

'If one person is sick and goes to yoga class, chances are those germs are still lingering on the mat and can be passed along to you.'For those who have to borrow mats, they are advised to thoroughly clean it with a disinfectant before they use it.

They should also make sure they lay down a towel on top of the mat to 'minimise direct skin contact', Dr Greuner recommends.

However, the outlandish claim that herpes can be passed through contact has long been disputed by researchers.

When it comes to eye make-up, Dr Bashir writes: ‘Studies have revealed that 43 per cent of eyeliners and mascara wands contain contaminants.

I know many friends who have been left with a “pink eye” after sharing mascara or using ancient mascara that’s been sitting in their make-up bags.’Finally, make-up brushes should not be shared because they gather bacteria including Staph aureus, and streptococcus.

It lasts for a little longer in moist environments.

This means in the case of sweaty yoga mats, the virus can last on the object for a little longer.Meanwhile, mascara wands or eyeliner, whether tried out as testers on make-up stands or shared between friends, may lead to a nasty case of ‘pink-eye’.Other risks from shared make-up include salmonella and e.coli, as well as skin flare-ups from bacteria on other people’s faces.Dr David Greuner, managing director and co-founder of NYC Surgical Associates, is urging people to clean down their mats after using them.'Bacteria, viruses, and germs love the hot, humid, and sweaty environments that exist in yoga studios,' he said in a blog post.Dr Greuner also recommended lovers of yoga, embraced by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson, should buy their own mat to reduce their risk of falling ill.But using make-up testers in stores is probably not a good idea, a microbiologist has warned, because of the risk of herpes and salmonella.

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