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Some people have even been killed in the robbery attempt.

This "lure" scenario has happened many times over the years, and as always Craigslist advises you to meet in a safe, secure location, go with a friend (or two), and if in doubt, back out.

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It's bad enough that scalpers use Craigslist, buying tickets for $50 and when the concert is sold out, selling them to you for $200. These scams won't just leave you paying a steep markup, but also without the tickets you thought you were buying.

Sophisticated scammers have found ways to replicate tickets to major events that look and feel legit. But these tickets are worthless, and when you buy them, you'll lose out twice.

In this scam, someone will respond to your for sale ad saying they are interested, but cannot talk right then. However, instead of giving an email address or phone number, they'll ask to put your cell phone number into a website that "stores" information for them.

In reality, it's a site that is signing you up for a monthly charge of $10 or more per month, and there is no way to cancel the service.

Perhaps something like Escrow Protection or Escrow Payment, and ask you to set up an account.

But this is a fraudulent site set up by the seller, and as soon as you deposit the money, you've lost it.

It's just not worth the risk to buy tickets off Craigslist.

You see an ad on Craigslist for something like a car, boat, expensive electronics, that kind of thing.

First with the money, and second when you get turned away from the event.

A similar scam involves genuine tickets that get canceled after you buy them. You purchase the tickets for less than face value, thinking you have a bargain.

" Of course, the check they have sent you is fake, but the bank will often cash it and then discover the fraud later.

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