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), I be wearing a white dress and doing a first dance — and I’m so excited for the speeches. Planning a wedding is about mixing and matching, compromising, and finding the formula that works for you and your spouse — exactly like a marriage. Genealogy records are specifically compiled for the use of genealogists and family historians; compilations of births, deaths, marriages, and other vital statistics; and funeral home and cemetery records.

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“You can still share those intimate experiences without having the official roles.” When I asked my friend Anca what she’ll be opting out of when she marries her longtime girlfriend, Kayla, in the Hudson Valley this summer, she jokingly responded: “A husband!

” She then explained, more seriously: “Being gay forces you into this non-traditional realm automatically, so it gives you a springboard to think about all of the other things you might want or not want.” Anca doesn’t like being the center of attention and never wanted a wedding, but her wife-to-be has always dreamed of her big day, so they’re making compromises.

I told them they wouldn’t be carrying bouquets down the aisle.

The news elicited a reaction akin to if I had told them they would be reciting my vows for me.

The thing about planning a wedding with your partner, though, is that it’s wedding.

You don’t have to do a bridal party, something borrowed or anything blue.

At one of the most fun weddings I have ever attended, the couple did their first dance in the middle of a huge circle of at least 300 people.

However, there was no sit-down dinner to accompany it.

“Instead, we kept it short and simple, and the ceremony ended up being my favorite part of the whole wedding.” This September, I’ll be a bridesmaid in my friend Rachael’s wedding.

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