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I know how to make a man feel like a king and I enjoy it!

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lan, soon to be Alice, lies face down on a leather bench bolted to the floor of the van.

His slender, always girlish frame is sealed from neck to toe in a tight, skin hugging cocoon of pink rubber and thick leather straps hold his body in place at the ankles, thighs, back and neck.

"Put simply, Alan, your mother and I have had enough of you.

And this business with the police is truly the last straw.

specializes in handling and training men who want to be feminized.

Feminization can vary from being made to wear panties, to being dressed up in a public place, to being used like a woman in a sexual way.

In me, you’ll have an attentive and loving girlfriend.

The special lover that you can confide in and reveal all of your secrets and desires to.

I can also give you intelligent and stimulating conversation. Best of all, I’m the girlfriend who will NEVER say no.

So Much More to Explore Kinky Role Play is what I love.

Beneath the rubber, he is naked, his arms lashed painfully behind his back at the elbows and wrists, his ankles also tied tightly together.

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