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Its been only weeks since Batman killed Joker, plenty of time for Harley Quinn to wage a war.

When Batgirl comes up with a plan, Jokers girlfriend counters with a trap that leaves Barbara bound naked on a Gotham City rooftop. After showing others how to satisfy their dominant desires, she wants only to be submissive with a Master of her own.

Now, Batgirl has to tap into masochistic feelings for Harley she never knew she had to keep herself and her more delectable parts in one piece until the cavalry can arrive. Out of desperation, Lisa lets a new trainee see a side of her she's kept hidden.

The rich don't have to differentiate between morning sex and breakfast. As far as the paparazzi know, he likes his breakfast served over a naked partner's battered curves. And, while her tits may be topped with steaming pancakes and chilled fruit, he has no clue what other depraved things she has in mind once breakfast is served. But his reaction not only leaves her sexually battered and well-used, it turns her whole world upside down.

Candace has a hidden desire for a certain kind of erotic breast torment, one that shes found hard to ignore.

Shes fed her fantasies with masturbation, self-torment and the Marquis de Sades stories of brutal sex, but shes way too shy to come out.

When headaches start shutting him down, a weekend outdoors seems to be just the thing.

While hes fishing, she comes up with a scene that involves hard sex, butter, a grill, utensils, her breasts, and more.

He has a sadistic taste for breasts he satisfies with five women at a time.

With ten perfect breasts in hand, he hosts a weekly party filled with sex and erotic torment.

The question is, do the bucks being hunted have just as much fun being usedand is there a better time in store for the one with the trophy rack?

Theyre the perfect couple, with her sadistic desires the ideal match for his love of CBT.

This time, the womens enjoyment is more vocal than usual, their desire to submit to his cruelty more extreme.

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