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Our space includes a 99-seat Mainstage Theater, a 40-seat Studio Theater, and six rehearsal/classroom studios. “TBG is where I unlearned how to act and learned how to be me to be more comfortable in my own skin…more able to transition seamlessly between life and the demands of film.

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See All of the On Camera Classes Nail your monologue and cold reading auditions!

See All of the Audition Classes Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to be competitive in the VO industry!

The Barrow Group, founded in 1986, is a nonprofit performing arts organization in New York City that provides the public a place to come together and experience stories that reflect our lives as we live them, with the ultimate goal of inspiring greater understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

We practice an approach to storytelling that encourages spontaneity in actors’ performances, so that audiences feel less like they’re watching performers on stage and more like they’re watching real people in real situations.

Many of the actors and directors that work on our shows have taken classes with us, and practice our unique approach to storytelling.

Play Development is also an important aspect of The Barrow Group’s programming. We regularly give new plays and revivals public readings and workshops in our Main Stage and Studio Theatre.

You go into class and everything’s like, “Great work”: like everything’s work.

At The Barrow Group, it really came from this other perspective: “This is play.” That was a really great time.

We appreciate your understanding to keep this free service going.

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