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Start becoming a more active person, stop creeping on little girls, and go out and meet people your own age. And if you're going to go young, go for 18 year just not worth it. girls of that age arent mature enough to handle relationships with their peers, let alone older men.

their needs are different, their expectations too...

DO NOT lie to her parents about your age, they will eventually find out how old you are and the fallout will be much worse then if you are honest with them.

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Recently, I sent a girl on myspace (so by default claiming their age is at least 18), Yeah I know, its lame but its hard for me to meet people. At this lonely point in my life, where no girls seem interested in me and haven't been with anyone in a very long time, I keep chatting with her. well it seems there is always some catch if things are about to go right. So in 3 months as I understand it, it will be legal for intimacy.

Anyways one replies, and we send a msg back and forth. (but her parents can stop her from seeing me I'd imagine). I've been careful about talking about sexual things, trying to keep it at a slow pace, but it has come up; shes a virgin and has never been in love. I've never been with a virgin, and the few relationships I've had, the girl always seems damaged and untrustworthy (from past relationships or a secret hate of guys) and has ended up cheating (twice out of the 3 i've been in).

edit: I know it is hard but think of all the creeps out there.

If it is true love just wait until she is older and it will all work out : D If you truly love her you'll know that she couldn't possibly know what love is and you'd know it is best to wait. But even if it wasn't, the risk of getting arrested and having to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life is just not worth it.

If you are convicted of even attempting to have sex with a minor, you may have to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

In some places, registered sex offenders can't live within several thousand feet of schools or where children congragate.I realize if this girl and I had sex or crossed some line I'm not sure of, I could be a felon and the courts don't distinguish it much from rape here. I could probably pass for 18 or 20 myself, and as a couple, it wouldn't be far fetched for people to think we were about the same age. The difference between a 15, 18, and 21 year old female in The United States is rather large I think in terms of life experience.A year or 2 in jail and a sex offender record; very heavy. I am scared about her parents, but at least her dad isn't around; only has a step dad and mom. Someone that is 15 is most certainly still developing physically.i'm just saying that it's probably different and i believe that you would be better off seeking a more mature relationship. Take things slow and don't rush to fuck her just because shes a virgin and that's appealing to you. And don't worry about what everyone thinks about the situation, be true to yourself and others.You're probably more mature, responsible and financially stable then most guys her age so you have that going for you.Anyway, I am not saying all this because I think you're a bad person.

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