Algerian women dating dating someone with adhd disorder

It seems from my long analysis and 30 years of being Algerian, that Algerian men do not like challenges, they like the easy life, easy gain, the cultural norms and hypocrisy go hand in hand and has been indoctrinated in them since the appearance of their very first chest hair…we cannot change that, so the solution I have been advised, for us Algerian Ladies who want to be with a fellow Algerian man is to lower your standards, do not judge and accept whatever comes your way because you go over 30 and you’ve basically missed the boat and you’ll end up an old spinster, I resent this and refuse to lower my standards, I will be judgmental to my future husband or boyfriend’s manners and education and way of thinking and will not accept less than I deserve.

They say your body clock kicks in and your hormones change, you start to feel broody and nature takes it place, the urge for procreation is upon you, you find yourself seeking emotional support and a diffrent kind of stability, so you establish that you a man in your life, for a “serious” relationship…you establish your criteria, does he have to be Algerian, Muslim, Tall, dark or blonde (not ginger), intelligent, educated, rich, well mannered, sexy and has big hands (if you feel you fit the description, you can write to me)...

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Traditionally, concern for the purity of women led to a marked restriction of their activities.

Women spent most of their adult lives behind their courtyard walls or visiting other women in similar courtyards.

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We're not adult dating so please don't post nude images.

Because a woman begins to gain status in her husband's home when she produces sons, mothers love and favor their boys, often nursing them longer than they do the girls.

The relation between mother and son remains warm and intimate, whereas the father is a more distant figure.

The veil provides mobile seclusion, and the more frequent entry of women into public situations called for an increased incidence of veiling.

Within the confines of the traditional system, there was considerable variation in the treatment of women.

Where is my ideal man, my trophy potential husband, and the great man who’d be the father to my children and who’d make my life easier and better!

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