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He was there only briefly: poor health forced him to retire from military life.

Carson was married three times and had ten children. Carson died at Fort Lyon, Colorado, of an aortic aneurysm on May 23, 1868.

Carson left home in rural present-day Missouri at age 16 to become a mountain man and trapper in the West.

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These men were ready to kill any Indian who attacked.

Carson wrote in his Memoirs: "For two or three years after our arrival, we had to remain forted and it was necessary to have men stationed at the extremities of the fields for the protection of those that were laboring." In 1818 Lindsay Carson died instantly when a tree limb fell on him while clearing a field. Despite being penniless, his mother took care of her children alone for four years.

In August 1826, against his mother's wishes, Kit ran away from his apprenticeship.

He went west with a caravan of fur trappers, tending their livestock.

Kit was their sixth, making him the eleventh of Lindsay's offspring.

The Carson family moved to Boone's Lick, Howard County, Missouri, when Kit was about one year old.Workman put an advertisement in a local newspaper back in Missouri. The advertisement featured the first printed description of Carson: "Christopher Carson, a boy about 16 years old, small of his age, but thick set; light hair, ran away from the subscriber, living in Franklin, Howard county, Missouri, to whom he had been bound to learn the saddler's trade." In later life, Carson never mentioned any women from his youth.He wrote that he would give a one cent reward to anyone who brought the boy back to Franklin. There are only three specific women mentioned in his writing: Josefa Jaramillo, his third and last wife; a comrade's mother in Washington, DC; and Mrs. Mountain man Kit Carson and his favorite horse, Apache, from The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson, the Nestor of the Rocky Mountains by De Witt C. The book was Carson's first biography, and was printed in 1858.He lived among and married into the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes. Fremont mapped and wrote reports and commentaries on the Oregon Trail to assist and encourage westward-bound American pioneers.Carson achieved national fame through Fremont's accounts of his expeditions.Under Fremont's command, Carson participated in the uprising against Mexican rule in California at the beginning of the Mexican-American War. In the 1850s, he was appointed as the Indian agent to the Ute Indians and the Jicarilla Apaches.

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