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However, I ended up missing a text from my ex wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day, and telling me to go look for a card in my mailbox. Sometimes, divorced or not, I can be petty and pissy.

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Mother’s Day might be another time I work myself to the bone during the day and then cry myself to sleep. I realize Mother’s Day is a Hallmark Holiday, and made up, but I still care.

I live in a Hallmark world and I want toast in bed and a foot rub, darn it.

It’s not surprising, then, that I get stuck with most familial duties. I thought tomorrow, of all days, would be my day to have sandwiches made for me. Yet another reminder that it’s a party of one in my house.

Last weekend was my birthday and I already got into a text and email war with my ex-husband about that.

This year, Mother’s Day will include a picnic with my mother (and father, probably).

I told my mom I’d bring lemonade and sandwiches to the park.

But, as in the rest of my divorced life, I will have to figure tomorrow out alone.

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