Amperstand not validating javascript w3c

Actually there are no css styles attached to that class, and it's just changing the count on interactions in a multi-column table.

amperstand not validating javascript w3c-51

I'm refreshing this, and thanks michalzuber for your contribution of finding the usage of colspanchange inside that file.

I've pushed this on Git on top of the latest WP and the fixes still work in achieving HTML validation: This matches the developments inside the 37004.3from above, and only refreshed.

it is something like a container filled by javascript in 23 places in portal (I searched href Fm the code).

W3C doesn't like it because it wants some envelope inside form tag like fieldset or span.

Looking forward to getting a checkmark on this ticket, standing by to further support it to completion. I pondered with the idea of using a data-colspan-diff="" attribute and use that in the Java Script when present, but I discarded it as I don't think it brings much value.

If you find value in going that approach to achieve validation on those particular areas (it's 3 templates receiving the HTML error), I can act on that.I'll attach the 37004.4matching the git PR as well.I've done further progress on this task and achieved w3c valid pages in a couple more areas where errors were spotted: Comments index - removed template colspan updated by JS according to the screen size Users index - fixed duplicate IDs being present on two buttons Settings - General - removed inline width on th element, as it's obsolete (width was already defined in CSS) Settings - General - fixed incorrect positioning of closing span tag around the Custom date format options Settings - Media - fixed incorrect usage of colspan="2" in the case where there were no other rows/columns in the same table.Note that users can also hide/display columns while the quick/bulk edit form is open, and when this happens, the JS needs to update on the fly the colspan attribute value.The validator message is actually different depending on the table you're validating and the initial value of the colspan attribute.That means there's no way to predict how many columns a table has.

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