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By contrast, today Congress stays in session nearly year round, but leaves for frequent recesses and can return from any part of the country within hours.

The President no longer needs to wait long periods before Congress is able to consider his nominees.

Could it be that gay people personally did something to piss off the right?

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Unfortunately, the Court cannot duck the issue now because scores of NLRB decisions may be at stake.

The case could have been avoided, however, if Senate Democrats had moved sooner to institute rules reform that would have prevented Republicans from filibustering the NLRB appointments.

As a result, the Supreme Court is poised to wade into the middle of a political dispute between the political branches and to reject 200 years of history—during which a functional and practical understanding of the recess appointment power prevailed.

The case arose from the recess appointments of three members of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on January 6, 2012.

Both interpretations flew in the face of longstanding interpretation of the clause by presidents dating back to the 19 century, as well as modern opinions of the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel. The latter reading has formed the basis for hundreds of recess appointments over the past 200 years.

The language of the recess appointments clause was first called ambiguous by Thomas Jefferson. It is true that the original purpose of the constitutional provision was to allow the President to keep the government staffed during the long recesses common when legislators traveled by live horsepower.President Obama made the appointments to keep the NLRB functioning.Notably, President Obama has made far fewer recess appointments than his predecessors. Bush made 171, but by January 2012 Obama had made only 32. Circuit, where three conservative Republican appointees ruled in its favor, issuing a stunning decision rejecting longstanding historical practice and the consistent interpretation of the recess appointment clause of the Constitution.To thwart the President’s ability to make recess appointments, the Republican House refused to assent to the adjournment of the Senate in December 2011.Because the Constitution does not allow adjournments longer than three days without the assent of the other House, the Senate was forced to hold pro forma sessions every three days through the recess.You really need to have some serious issues with gay people to say “no” to their money in this challenging economy.similar laws. " data-reactid="23"Why is fear mongering against the LGBT community part of the conservative platform?

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