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Its primary competition is Tweet Deck, but if all you want is to send an update, Tweet Deck is probably going to take a bit longer.

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I'm amazed that these can be offered in one package and for free, but personally I don't care enough about any of them to keep the app installed, mostly because it's simply too slow for me.

There are plenty of fans of Elixir, however, so it deserves a spot high up in our roundup.

ROM Toolbox is good looking , customizable and easy to use UI.

ROM Toolbox also gives you access to early releases to featured ROMs like Liberty Gingerbread.

For me, this is definitely the app of the week - just check out our sample videos taken with this app here.

Unfortunately, Tegra devices are not supported, as they don't support NEON hardware instructions (and who knows if Tegra 3 will? And, of course, you need a rooted device for the app to work.

Personally, I'm perfectly satisfied with Tweet Deck and clicking an extra button, but if Social Blast implements G support first out of the bunch, I'll re-install it right back.

One thing would win me over, though - an ability to post as a Facebook fan page, which Tweet Deck still doesn't do. -- Social Blast provides you with an easy and enjoyable way to update your status on multiple social networks with one blast.

We currently support Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Foursquare.

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