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For a man who’s interviewed thousands of the world’s most beautiful people, Andy Cohen is less focused on looks than you’d think.In fact, he’s sure that when it comes to dating, looks can be deceiving.

This person maybe has things in common with me.’ ” Of course, that doesn’t mean a picture isn’t important — and for that, Cohen had nothing but nice things to say about the Galaxy S8.

“The capabilities of the camera will leave any Housewife or Housewives fan panting,” he said. The other good news with [the Galaxy S8] is you can cue the timer with your voice.

“Not only is the quality amazing, but they have unbelievable selfie technology where you can, like, wave your hand and it’ll count down to taking a picture. So you can say, like, ‘smile’ and it’ll will go like, ‘3, 2, 1.’ It’s awesome!

It’s an incredible flip camera.” So what’s Cohen’s tips for taking the best possible selfies for your profile. ’ FROM PEN: Andy Cohen’s Pick For The Most Absurd And since Cohen’s the host of one of TV’s biggest reboots right now, it was only fair to find out which cancelled Bravo show he’d like to see return back to TV.

I got to know the person.’ And then — because we force them to spend several hours getting to know each other — it turns out they’re good people and there’s reasons that people go on dates,” he continued.

Cohen found that these first impression scores weren’t always the best indicators of whether people would truly get along.

Barth is the "everybody who's anybody" place to go for Xmas and New Year's, so A.

he brought along his BF, Clifton, whom Andy refers to as "Brazilian Andy Samberg" in his book.

But now, “It is just a matter of time before he puts a ring on it! Do you think that Andy Cohen is ready to settle down?

” As Radar reported, Cohen and Dassuncao began seeing each other on the opening night of Cohen’s pal Anderson Cooper’s AC3 Tour in March 2015.

hosted by Andy Cohen is set to premiere in the summer the network has announced.

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