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There are more scholarships available to them in college.They receive better and cheaper healthcare, and can pick from favourable insurance packages available only to girls.What happens is the few attractive girls left get unimaginable amounts of attention.” According to Valizadeh, today’s sexual marketplace represents a Pareto distribution in which “20 percent of the top guys have access to 80 percent of the best women,” which has the effect of leaving women holding out for the perfect man, a man who of course never comes.

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Women do not choose to serve in the Armed Forces and they experience fewer deaths and injuries in the line of work generally.

Women get shorter custodial sentences for the same crimes.

That probably explains the rise of Julien Blanc, who claims his seminars can transform the way women will respond to you.

Blanc is at the extreme end of a movement known as “pick-up artists” or PUAs.

In the Gamer Gate video games controversy, opposition to “social justice warriors” and their attempts at censorship on Twitter has come from older gay men in public life and younger geeks, gamers and drop-outs; in the case of Matt Taylor, it was geeks and other women.

Straight young men simply don’t want to know any more. Some women, too, horrified by what lesbianised third-wave feminism claims to do in their name, opt out of the argument.He says: “It’s also damaging that the attractiveness of women is rapidly declining, mainly due to the obesity epidemic.No matter what members of the ‘fat acceptance’ movement say, men have an innate need for fit women.It doesn’t.) What strikes a lot of women as strange is how rational and systematic so much of this decision-making is by men.Many young men literally perform a cost-benefit analysis and decide that women aren’t worth the hassle.When it comes to children, women are presumed to be the primary caregiver and given preferential treatment by the courts. Women are less likely to be homeless, unemployed or to abuse drugs than men.

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