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You place a lot of importance on initial attraction and will disregard signs that a match may not be good for you 3.

When you have developed a connection with someone you find it very hard to let go even if the relationship is obviously not working or they are clearly not interested.

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The love addict There are certain characteristics that define a love addict and the most recognisable one is that they seem to have a mental obsession with the object of their affection.

This obsession can become so extreme that they neglect to care for themselves in healthy ways and attach their value and self worth to this person’s response to them – feeling good when they are attached and bereft when they are not.

Your matchmaker will become your confidant, consultant and friend who will personally search amongst our network of thousands of vetted singles, honing in on the select few who most closely match you and making a series of one-on-one introductions.

With the influx of dating apps and online dating, never before in the history of humanity have we had such easy access to such a vast pool of potential partners.

The partner The people love addicts are attracted to all seem to have one thing in common – they are unable or unwilling, to respond to the single minded devotion the love addict places on him or her.

The more unresponsive this person is the more intense the love addict’s feelings become and they experience increasing amounts of pain, frustration and self-defeating behaviours as the relationship progresses.

Any infraction of the spectator policy may result in the immediate removal of the spectator from the facility.

I'm rather calm person I don't like being alone, God didn't make me that way. I believe that two loving hearts , two soul mates will find each other - they will meet definitely, but only when God wants it.

The solution Pia Melody author of ‘Facing Love Addiction – giving yourself the power to change the way you love’ gives detailed guidance on ways to recover from love addiction.

For many people the condition can be as debilitating and damaging to their life as any other addiction and may require professional help to really get to the root of the problems and make a full recovery.

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