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If you traveled in Asia, you noticed platforms were everywhere.

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Travelers were forced to wait in lines for hours just to get a tank of gas.

Most cars to that point were not very fuel-efficient and people looked for a new method of transportation, which could allow them to travel efficiently and reasonably.

The moped, which was half bicycle / half motorcycle had existed for years in Europe but had not made it to the United States, in part because of safety restrictions implemented by the Department of Transportation.

In 1972, Serge Seguin of France wrote his Masters thesis on the European moped.

This website is a compilation of Ray's 10 years on the Web.

A while back I found the topic of On Line Dating services "interesting". Haven't had one of those boy/girl events since so long ago I can't remember when. Without really looking I found 50 sites, including those you may know by name because of their self-promotion; Yahoo Personals, Apple Mates, Americans Online Dating, Match Maker and e Harmony, for instance.

Foreign brides from just about everywhere are being matched; French, German, Filipino, Indian, Korean and more. It packs in a year's worth of knowledge into one day. I wonder if sometime in the future Online dating will be considered a 'fad' from this decade? Developed as a car accessory to give drivers an alternate to listening to radio stations so they could listen to their own song selections.

Including several sites aimed solely at a Spanish speaking audience. The entire 35 square mile valley was sans a stop light. You'll hear presentations on the latest in Internet and catalog marketing, Hispanic marketing, and loyalty - as well as an inspirational keynote, "Keeping Clients for Life" from Allan Michael , Marketing VP from Countrywide. Motorola manufactured the first players, which were installed in Ford automobiles.

Male sports fans are into the action of sports while they're watching television.

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