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“That’s why we go back to what we hear from young people, and they tell us that their concerns aren’t really being addressed — that sex ed feels scary, mechanical, or biological, and it’s really narrowly focused on disease prevention and often very fear-based.Cushman said comprehensive sex education is key to teaching students about dating violence and preventing dating violence.

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“What we’ve seen for a long time is that the biggest risk to high school students is when they’re in relationships where there is a large age disparity, meaning more than two years between them and their partner,” she said, adding that even “Developmentally, there is a really big difference between a 16-year old and an 18-year old or a 14 -year old and 16-year old, and as people get older, they have access to more freedom and mobility, whether that’s having a car or a job that gives them income.

Those things can be used to assert control over a partner,” Cushman said.

Research has shown that 17 out of 20 high school girls are physically hurt and four out of 20 are sexually coerced when dating.

These experiences affect young people’s health throughout their lives, as victims of dating violence are at a higher risk of victimization during college and are more likely to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Dating violence in high school is all too prevalent and has lasting consequences.

But schools aren’t doing enough to address the problem.

Nicole Cushman, executive director of Answer, an organization that provides and promotes comprehensive sexuality education, said it is unclear from available national data what the quality of these programs are.

“What that data doesn’t tell us is the quality of those conversations and the overall message that is being given,” Cushman said.

Approximately 18 percent to 95 percent of schools taught students about how to create and sustain healthy relationships.

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