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On the contrary, archaeological discoveries testify to the presence of Christian communities in the Gulf during the two first centuries after the Muslim conquest, some settlements being abandoned circa 9th century CE.

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Arab dating uae

On the other hand, Syriac texts such as chronicles, synodic acts, hagiography and letters, mention the presence of bishops and monasteries in the Gulf, therefore accounting for the existence of many Christian communities in the area.

One of the first mentions of Christians in the Gulf comes from the acts of synod of Seleucia-Ctesiphon, which took place in 410.

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All our hand-picked guiding architects have a professional background in architecture and urbanism with first-hand knowledge of the design and building culture in their country.Dr Bonnéric stated that the Gulf is not often mentioned in the texts and there was scarcity in the textual materials.The Arabic sources are very silent about Christianity in the region.Dr Bonnéric cited that the two important churches were discovered in the 1980s and in the 2000s.Several expeditions, Italian, French, Slovak and Polish have gained interest in this archaeological site but still disagree about both its dating and nature — was the settlement an early Islamic village? Since 2011, the French-Kuwaiti Archaeological Mission in Failaka is carrying out excavations in both the Tell Sa’id — a Hellenistic Fortress and the al-Qusur sites.Dr Bonnéric who has been in charge of the study of al-Qusur site, on Failaka Island (Kuwait) since 2011 is also a researcher at the Annemarie Schimmel College, University of Bonn (Germany).

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