Fresax arab - Aries woman dating an aquarius man

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Aries and Aquarius are respectively the first and eleventh signs of the zodiac calendar.

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And despite having different influences, the two signs share a number of personality traits.

Aries is a fire sign and thus tends to be energetic, supremely confident and capable of shooting brilliant ideas.

Aquarius is an air sign but possesses much of the same agile mental faculties and ability to conceive far-reaching ideas.

Most of all they share a fierce love of independence; while the Aries cannot tolerate anyone ordering him/her around, the Aquarian is the original rebel of the zodiac system, doing what they wish to do and believing in their own systems of values.

However, out of the bedroom the relationship will have some problems.

A problem in the love relationship between Aries and Aquarius is their equal need for control.To seduce an Aquarius woman treat her very lady like and court her. If either zodiac lover gets clingy, the other one will leave.If a love match between Aquarius and Aries happens, the two will fall into bed right away.Both are also ruled by different planets; in case of Aries it is the fiery red planet Mars which imbues the sign with a love of action and motion.Interestingly enough, Aquarius is ruled by two planets – Uranus and Saturn – which often lend them a curious duality so that this sign can be affable and distant or freedom-loving and obstinate by turns. Both the Aries woman and the Aquarius man love to explore and neither sign cares very much about the status quo the Aries woman prefers to create her own world while the Aquarius man will break apart any world that does not suit his needs.

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