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Mullican’s practice, surveyed through drawings, collages, video, and installation, confronts the nature of subjective understanding, rationality, perception, and cognition—in essence proposing a ‘picture’ of the world through the medium of drawing.

The design work of M/M (Paris) is the product of an influential and creative partnership founded in 1992 by Mathias Augustyniak and Michaël Amzalag.

Since the end of the 1970s, he has also conducted performances and created drawings while under hypnosis as a means to explore the nature of behavior.

Matt Mullican: A Drawing Translates the Way of Thinking will include work from throughout Mullican’s artistic career, emphasizing the role of drawing in his attempt to understand, organize, and categorize experience.

Yet the scope of her artistic production remains largely unrecognized, as does her vital contribution to feminist art practice and the importance of drawing to her development as an artist. 560 City-As-School High School, and Chelsea Career and Technical High School. The latter makes use of the artist’s own body as a landscape for images of nature (rain clouds evaporating, seedlings taking root) that evoke myths of creation.

The exhibition is comprised of a selection of early drawings, several of which will be on view for the first time, along with major drawing-based sculptural works and a selection of notebook sketches. Sun Xun: Shock of Time will be the artist’s first solo museum show in New York.

Serial in format, the hundreds of drawings he has produced deal with subjects as varied as schizophrenia and the eroticism of de Sade, Bataille, and Artaud, as well as visual interpretations of artists, poets, writers, scientists, musicians, and philosophers that have influenced his thinking.

Arslan’s working process includes the use of self-made and antique tools and the production of his own colors using ancient methods of combining raw pigments with his own saliva, blood, urine, and other organic materials like honey, earth, and egg whites.By offering disquieting representations of patterns of human behavior, her work asks us to consider our own complicity in and capacity for violence as well as benevolence.This exhibition explores the pivotal role drawing played in the interdisciplinary and multifaceted work of Austro-American designer, artist, theoretician, and architect, Frederick Kiesler (1890-1965).This exhibition will present recently discovered and never-before-seen industrial design drawings executed between 19 as well as archival photographs of Grossman’s residential buildings, interiors, and furnishings.Selections Fall 2008 features the work of Viewing Program artist Kathleen Henderson.While staying within the material bounds of traditional drawing, the works expand our understanding of how drawing acts as a descriptive system and means of interpretation.

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