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Although not all of it was pleasant (to say the least! He recently got married and the relationship has changed dramatically – and not only in the ways it should.My daughter-in-law is very unfriendly and doesn’t show any inclination to spend time with us. I tried to hint to my son but he got angry and took her side. – Lonely Abandoned Mom Dear Lonely Mom, You can play this two ways; it’s totally up to you.If it has been fed and nurtured it should continue to be a source of joy and growth, even after the children leave.

I have a part-time job to help support our family and I encourage my husband to go learn Torah when his workday is over.

But I find that I am exhausted by theses activities and have no time left for community involvement – no PTA (okay, she’s a little young!

), no fundraising activities, no cooking meals for others.

I feel that I am maxed out looking after my family but I feel racked with guilt that I’m not doing anything else.

– Emuna Dear Emuna, I am trying very hard to be a good wife and mother.

I run around after our toddler all day and then try my best to be attentive when my husband wants to talk.

Your primary responsibility is your immediate family.

Many people make the opposite mistake and serve the community at the expense of their spouse and children.

They work constantly on making a good relationship with their daughters and so they reap the rewards. I walk the empty halls of our house, dejectedly looking for someone to talk to or something to do. ) and to take some time to adjust, your situation sounds atypical.

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