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There was no controlling her -she was very will-full / headstrong -she really has been running her own life since she was 14. Of course Mom changed her plansand we were all so very proud to attend her High Schoolgraduation. There is just one school inthe area which offers evening classes - just for kidslike Katherine who was also working days and making upher high school credits in the evenings. She didn't even want to tell usshe was doing it - until she was sure that she was going tograduate. And, I even dared tothink she would bring grand-children to visit me. It does seem like we must havehad more than our fair share ...perhaps not - but, it does feel that way just now.;-)Oh! My mother likes to tell the story of how Katherine came toher in late May - I'm sorry - my memory is all jumbled - Ithink it must have been 98 - no that's wrong - Dad had diedalready ..Katherine asked Mawhat did she have planned for that June 6th? I've just called Mom - I was screwed up on the dates - itwas after my Dad died - now we think it must have beenthe spring of 2002. I thought she was through the pain - that she had grownup and that it was all going to be O. I do hope Mom has told you that my sister Sue'sdaughter has had her new baby!

It is a horrible tragedy and we are all very shaken.

There is a police investigation that is still going on.

She loved hiking and camping and was homesick for the White Mountains in NH. Cox of Biddeford, and her mother Emily Weeks of Cornish, her maternal grandmother Ruth Jewell of Fryeburg, and step-grandfather David Jewell of Westbrook. We had thought that she was happy and was doing very wellin her Air Force job, and with her new marriage.

Kat also leaves Ma, her grandmother Leona Cox of Standish and Matinicus Is. We have had many reports of all the fun she has beenhaving traveling to London, and in England.

She did have close fiends and much laughter and fun inher life.

She was always smiling and laughing and full of fun. We did not wantyou to be dropping everything - to fly up here as youdid when my Dad died. I hope all is well with both of you, and withyour families. In sorrow, but -with Love, Michael The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

( I might havechosen not to have the 21 gun salute - 7 men fired3 shots - but Emily wanted the whole deal - so we didit.

) I was very pleased and proud that her Commanderand 2 airmen who were close friends of Katherinetraveled all the way from England to be at our service. They say that over 800 people attendedher service in England.

They have told us that she was very proud to be inthe Air Force, that she was well respected and hadmany friends. Carlos and an aunt and his brother were also present.

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