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This is definitely the most common source of large Excel file sizes, and fortunately one of the easiest to fix.Excel has a “used range” for every sheet in your workbook, and the larger this is, the bigger the file size becomes.By pressing Ctrl End on any sheet in your Excel file, you can see what the “last used cell” is.

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I’ve hidden the best way to reduce file size down at position #3.

If you have an Excel file with lots of raw data and lots of formulas, go and save it in the Excel binary format (.xlsb).

For new files, the used range is only cell A1, but as you work through a file, it will increase to represent the rightmost column and furthest row that you’ve edited or formatted.

Especially in older files, even if cells are blank and have no formatting, Excel may be treating them within the used range, leading to a larger file size for no reason.

And if you want a single formula to be updated, you can edit the cell (F2), hit Enter, and that formula will calculate.

One final note on this point: always make sure to change calculation back to Automatic when you’re finished working on a file, or when you’re about to send the file to someone else.

Formatting such as borders and highlighting are good examples to remove.

Conditional Formatting is a fantastic way to visually compare any changes in numbers in data ranges, but it can come at a hefty price – a bloated Excel file!

Any Macros and VBA will still be retained in this format, so you don’t have to worry about loss of functionality.

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