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The mean number of their reported chronic health conditions averaged 1.77 (SD = 1.53) but ranged from zero to eight.The interview included nine yes/no questions and some open-ended questions.Data from the yes/no questions are shown in Table 1.

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The methodology for this study was a mixed-methods pilot study to examine, through the perspectives of adult primary care patients, how relevant and actionable data can be better formatted in the AVS.

Results of this study suggest that the goal of the AVS to serve as a communication tool to engage and support patients is frequently not being met.

More than 72 percent of the total sample reported their racial affiliation group as white.

Notably, more than 74 percent of the patients had completed undergraduate or graduate college programs, 98.6 percent reported English as their primary language, and approximately 50 percent were married.

Research shows that oral information combined with written information has a greater impact on patient knowledge than oral information alone.

The AVS can also support coordination-of-care efforts by serving as a clinical document that patients can share with their other healthcare providers.

The AVS is generally defined as a communication tool to support continuity and coordination of care.

It is a written document that summarizes the visit while providing the patient with relevant and actionable information and instructions.

Further study is needed to understand, from the viewpoints of patients and providers, what barriers are keeping them from optimally providing and using the information on the AVS.

Keywords: meaningful use, after-visit summary, primary care, patient-provider communication The federal government advocates the practice of routinely providing an after-visit summary (AVS) to patients after each office-based visit as an element of stage 1 meaningful use.

The content of the AVS at each site was generally equivalent, but formatting varied slightly.

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