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On the evening before your departure early next morning, you will get a call to your hotel room or a message at your hotel front counter by your tour guide to reconfirm your next morning's pickup time which is normally set around around am.


Rush hours in Beijing can cause serious traffic jam. Tour Beijing will not refund any losses due to missing or incorrect information.

We try our best to manage the traffic and keep your schedule. The cancellation fee is 10% of the total price if your cancellation is made more than 2 working days prior to the scheduled start of the tour.

The cable car goes up to somewhere below between Tower No.08 and No.09.

To hike up the north section of the Badaling Great Wall, you have two starting points - either from the Badaling Pass or the Badaling Bear Park. Actually there are totally 12 towers on the northern Badaling Great Wall. 01 starting from Badaling Pass or Tower No.12 from Badaling Bear Park.

You may retrace to Watch Tower No.14 and take cable car down the wall, or continue to hike down to Watch Tower No.8 and walk down the wall; or you may continue to hike down to Watch Tower No.6, then either take chairlift down or toboggan down.

Price Information Cable Car: 100 yuan(single way); 120 yuan (return) Chairlift or Slide (Toboggan): 100 yuan (single way) Chairlift Slide (Toboggan): 120 yuan (return) Opening Hours: April to October: - November to March: - This tour is designed for your own traveling party and no other tourists will join you. If you have any questions, or want more time for taking photos, just feel free to let your tour guide know.14 east up to Watchtower 23 is the most scenic part of Mutianyu Great Wall.Many people would choose to take cable up to Watchtower No.14 and hike east to Watchtower No.23.When you get off the ferry shuttle bus going from the shuttle bus terminal near the ticketing office, you still need to walk along an accessible stone path (600 meters long ) leading up first to the starting point for chairlift ( or toboggan down ), second to the walking path up to the Wall and last to the starting point for cable car up to the Wall respectively.So the mostly used Cable Car Station is at the end of the 600-meter stone slope.Apart from hiking up on foot, you can choose take cable car or chair lift(Optional).

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