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Since then, despite periods of great difficulty and armed conflict, Belfast has remained a major commercial and industrial centre throughout its history.Today, there are many hill forts scattered around Belfast that serve as reminders of the Bronze Age.Not to be confused with the other ads where women hold telephones and ask you to call them NOW.

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Following the war, a significant Scottish population settled in Belfast.

They were later joined by a small number of French Huguenots, precursors of the local linen trade, which thrived under the hands of rural-based small producers..

In response, Irish Catholics launched a rebellion against the Protestant settlers in 1641.

They slaughtered the invaders who were forced to flee to Carrickfergus where the Scottish army later sent reinforcements to squash the Irish Catholic rebellion.

By the 19th century, Belfast was the industrial capital of Ireland, with its economy bolstered by industries such as linen, tobacco, shipbuilding and heavy engineering. The shipyards of Belfast, where the ill-fated RMS Titanic was constructed in 1911, employed over 35,000 workers.

Peasants from Scotland, England, rural Ulster and all across Ireland headed to Belfast to seek their fortune.

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