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Remember, you don’t need to try and cram ALL of these in one profile - they’re just some ideas to get your started.

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only to learn that he lied about his age and was actually only 18.

Not the end of the world, but certainly a deal-breaker for me.

It’s how you’re portraying yourself through your profile. Your profile may be yeah, but that can be constantly adjusted and updated until you get those goddam dates.

Making a ‘good’ bio is should be thought of as a process - there’s not one way of doing it. Then this pokes fun at the whole situation and becomes adorable by assuring us he’s a nice nerdy guy and not one of the villains.

As you probably already know, Bumble requires the woman to make the first move.* Because of this, you’ll want to have at least one or two opening lines prepared once those matches start rolling in. All in all, the most important thing to remember on Bumble is to have fun.

Don’t take yourself (or your matches) too seriously, and you’ll find yourself with some fun dates, some great stories to tell, and maybe even a real match.Here however, we’re selling attractiveness and personality.The whole sales pitch thing doesn’t sound that sexy, right? But knowing that it’s all a marketing stunt is actually kind of empowering; if you get less than a swipe a week, it’s not you.If I’m reading this in a lunch-break, I would laugh, because it’s taking something I know and giving it a tinder twist.WARNING: Don’t copythe usual quotes by the ‘Anonymous Tinder woman’ or ‘New York Times’ stuff too much – seen it before and it’s getting old now.6.Set yourself up for success by creating the perfect profile that shows off who YOU really are, then let the matches roll in.

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