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Webbplatsen Trip Advisor kanske därför inte visas som den ska.

For the main distribution, 30 June is the closing date for written notifications and 31 October for online notifications.

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Such a certificate is recognised if proof of membership of the Künstlersozialkasse (social security fund for artists) or one of the professional organisations working with VG Bild-Kunst is provided or documented in some other appropriate manner.

Please not: If no documentary evidence is furnished, no royalties will be distributed. Vl8NOs6kv #Truth Is The First Casualty Of War How Do You #Filter Out #Paid For #War Propaganda? BILD muss das bringen, was very mutch Mony für BILD bringt!

First thing would be #Filter Out #The White Helmets #Syria Civil Def (Who Is #Al Nusra #Al Qaeda) which is #Central Intelligence Agency #Intelligence Agencies #BND:# I lost 5 followers over night, lots of Twitter accounts being culled at present due to new political correctness and pressure from the likes of #Merkel who hate the anti #migrants rhetoric 😱 #Merkelmussweg #refugees NOTwelcome #For Britain #Af D #PVV # ist BILD! BILD ist nun mal nicht für Kohlköpfe einpacken geeinigt, aber BILD wird von solchen gemacht!

If you have not received any fees, enter the number of works on the form.

In this case, only written notifications can be accepted, as you have to clearly state on the form that a number of books are involved.

For the supplementary distribution, the closing date for written notifications is 31 January and for online notifications always the end of February.

There are three different methods of notification and so three different forms: Books and exhibition catalogues are notified by means of the Book reporting slips.

If you have registered for the online notifications using your author’s number and password, you will find the Request reported data field there and can then see what data we have entered in the system.

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