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And regardless if she started it or not a real man should never step to a woman like they did they should have just ignored her.Yes it is true the Hebrew Israelites are intensely anti-woman (misogynist), and they HATE African-American women. They stereotype black women in the USA like white racists do...As one BHI website explains, “Israel is just one black nation that exist among many. In a 1973 article for , historian James Tinney suggested the classification of the organizations into three groups: • Black Jews, who maintain a Christological perspective and adopt Jewish rituals.

Being a black Yank is boring (not unlike being a white Yank). A few years back they had a video on youtube where they were about to actually fight a small black girl while she had her baby.

These guy are really hateful and not just against whites, they also hate black women.

recently noted that Lamar is the “best reviewed artist of the 21st century.” On his new album—which recently debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 charts—Lamar includes many references to a relatively unknown religious group called Black Hebrew Israelites.

Among the references are a song titled ”Yah“ (the term the group uses to refer to Yahweh), a lyric that says, “I’m an Israelite, don’t call me black no more,” and voicemail from Lamar’s cousin, a Black Hebrew Israelite, that says that Lamar will continue to suffer in this world until he recognizes he is “an Israelite according to the Bible.” Here is what you should know about the group behind Lamar’s religious references: 1. Dorman explains, they “creatively manipulate traditions and ideas gleaned from a wide range of sources: Holiness/Pentecostal Christianity, the British Anglo-Israelite movement, Freemasonry, Mind Power, Theosophy, Judaism, the occult, and African American Christianity’s deep association with the Hebrews of the Old Testament.” African-American BHI groups also have no significant history with Ethiopian Jews (aka Beit Yisrael or Falahas) even though, as Dorman notes, “New York’s main body of black Israelites called themselves Ethiopian Jews from the 1930s to 1960s.” 4.

I've been seeing a lot of black folks going around with Wonder Woman bracelets and a scarf on their heads, wearing a gown talking about " I'm a Hebrew Israelite". These guy are really hateful and not just against whites, they also hate black women.

So, their only alternative is to steal someone else's culture and run with it. yea i think it's growing because blacks in america are desperate for an identity and they feel like slavery in america was the worst thing to happen in this world so they start believing they are 'the chosen race of people'when jews prove their hebrew dna and you face them with the various dna analysis done on AA's with NO hebrew dna they are still convinced they are the's very cultish.

then their goal is to impregnate white women to prove the superiority of the black dick or some such. I have heard these guys degrade black women as well and that is why I am convinced that they may be homosexuals.

I just refuse to believe that straight men can hate women as much as they do.

Black people were here 1000's of years before the children of Israel. I saw that video and that "woman" kept running and trying to argue with them.

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