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A woman finds herself naked in the center of Times Square in a duffel bag, with no memory of how she got there.

As I have become more comfortable being truthful and authentic about who I am, the firm has increased support of inclusion and diversity for women, people of all races and religions, those with visible and invisible disabilities and members of the LGBT community.

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Mysterious tattoos covering her body are the only clues she has to uncover the secret of her past.

Working with an FBI agent, she discovers that her tattoos are linked to a dark underworld of criminal activity.

For example, press for more details when you hear vague comments like “she’s just not ‘ready’ for promotion” or “he’s not a good fit for this team”. When I first joined Pw C 25 years ago, sexual orientation was not something business leaders talked about, but as society changed so did we.

Yet even today, a recent survey found that while 80% of heterosexual people polled think LGBT people shouldn’t “have to hide” who they are at work, less than half those people would feel comfortable hearing LGBT co-workers talk about their social lives and dating.

As a newly appointed Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, I feel inspired to make even more positive change.

The promise of diversity is that individuals can bring all aspects of themselves to the workplace without fear of being judged.our approach is based on realtime voice-only pre-dating in place of profiles and pictures. s so much richness and intonation within a voice that gives clues to a person?s personality" (Kevin Satizabal, Royal London Society for the Blind) i am leaving out our company name to prevent this looking more like an advertisement.What new colleagues and clients first see is that I’m a white, male audit partner at Pw C.That first impression can lead to all sorts of conclusions, but what people most frequently get wrong is assuming I’m straight.Because research shows that hidden biases are pervasive and people make unconscious assumptions based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, social class, disability status, and nationality.

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