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The recipient will only receive your Spark once you have parted ways, saving any potential embarrassment and allowing you to maintain a certain air of mystery.

Your confidence and enthusiasm start to suffer as nothing you do seem to be working. What if I said you never need to suffer ‘man pain’ ever again?

What if I promised that you can become more positive and confident and that you could have a fairytale courtship and a blissfully happy marriage?

Conversations that aren’t active for a week will disappear, meaning that you can only continue speaking to those who’ve truly caught your interest.” Although the app was primarily designed with the Tube in mind, it has been rolled out across the UK and is already proving popular in Bristol and Manchester.

And Marsden himself is hoping that he too might strike lucky by using the app.

You’re full of optimism, but soon see how tough it is.

You’re putting in loads of effort, but getting very little in return.

This is an overview; there are many ins and outs and exceptions, of course.

GENERAL TIPS FOR IDENTIFICATION Does the skillet have any markings on it at all?

That's still some way behind Tinder's estimated 50 million users, but it's a positive start, and is probably a reflection of the fact that Spark offers something different.

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