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Has it improved decision making and their confidence in farming / dairy?Yogesh Patil, Skymet Weather Services Krishnakumar, Cropin Technology Solutions Ranjith Mukundan, Stellapps Technologies Sai Gole, Lean Crop Technology Solutions Shreyansh Singhal, Ankur Capital Moderator: Ananth Aravamudan, Villgro A panel of pioneers in water management & irrigation.

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In this session, we explore successful examples of how this has been done in Education social enterprises.

Each successful entrepreneur starts his or her journey at the base level.

Two years ago, it was an event like this that inspired me to become a social entrepreneur. The event was a great platform to meet and interact with like-minded social entrepreneurs and a source of inspiration to keep us motivated.

Its difficult for startups to be able to afford such conferences, and I usually don’t like networking, but the interactions I had were exciting! It was also a wonderful opportunity where we could connect with other stakeholders in the impact investing space.

Syngenta Foundation is creating customers and markets out of farmers & areas once considered infeasible or unviable.

Understanding the role of the village entrepreneur & her social enterprise in ensuring technology flows upstream too A panel of ventures using hardware, analytics and investors who have believed in them.In this session, we provide the entrepreneurs an insight into the funder’s perspective by leveraging Debasish Mitter’s deep expertise in the sector and MSDF’s unparalleled track record in supporting key initiatives in the Indian education system.A panel of technical experts, agri focused investors & ecosystem enablers. What are opportunities for innovation & entrepreneurship?How has the end consumer (the small landholder) benefited? It is not enough to stay just an entrepreneur or a social enterprise.Key is to convert this product performance into trust and recognition across the value chain.Mechanisation has been seen as the tractor, its attachments & their ownership. But what does it take to stand out – for investors and more importantly with farmers?

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