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Their 18 years long marriage did last forever as they went through a bitter divorce in 2006.Though their marriage stayed for two decades, they do not have any children together.In real life, marriage sometimes doesn't work and end up on the bumpy road.

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rprised to hear about their divorce after such a long time.

The couple must have shared an excellent understanding and compatibility as they were together for two decades. It seems like Bonnie is the one who ignited the divorce as she was secretly dating David Letterman on the back of her husband, John Murphy.

Kim Kardashian has been dreaming of the perfect man for quite a while as she stated in an interview she always pictured herself around this age married with children, but until now no one has popped the question.

Well, it seems that Kris finally decided he's wanted to be the man in Kim's life and p...

Sean Eldridge is the political director of Freedom to Mary campaign, so what better way to support this cause than through announcing that he and his boyfriend, the co-founder of the well known social network Facebook, Chris Hughes are engaged. Ink” tattoo artist Kat Von D got engaged to Jesse James, who is known for his appearance on the reality show West Coast Choppers, spread like fire and shocked their fans.

Freedom to Marry is an organization which is trying to break discrimination in marriage by supporting same-sex couples mar... The couple has been dating officially since August 2010 although Jesse James's divorce from the internationally known actress Sandra Bullock, to whom he was married for 5 years.

In an interview, she showed her feelings about the marriage, I have spent the last 10 years of my life alone.

It seems that the well known American singer Jessica Simpson has decided to take things in her relationship to the next level as she got engaged to Eric Johnson, and NFL player.

She is 56-years-old and is still looking for her perfect love partner.

Well, the American actress Bonnie Hunt seems to follow it pretty seriously.

Kat Von D has been a quite controversial television personality due to her choice to pursue a career as a tattoo artist as well as her multitude tattoos created on ...

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