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The story helps children understand that anger is a normal, manageable emotion.

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Hundreds of very well done and easy to follow video guides on how to parent and carry out various daily tasks in relation to children of all ages.

They cover topics ranging from how to care for newborns to how to deal with teenage unwanted…

This beautifully illustrated book assists children aged 8 – 12 with parental dual diagnosis (mental illness/substance abuse) and transition towards understanding and acceptance.

Click here to view/download The forty activities in this workbook can help children learn positive ways to manage their anger.

It is intended for use with children and young people whose parent or carer is in treatment and is based on messages from other children and young people who are affected by an adult’s…

This free app, which is based on Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, has been designed to support traumatised children (aged 8-12) to heal by helping them better understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and move toward a better quality of life. This leaflet is designed to give parents practical information to help them understand how abusers and potential abusers operate, how they can identify the signs of grooming and child sexual abuse and what they can do to protect their child or a child close to them…These techniques are based on the theory of emotional intelligence, which assumes that emotional, behavioral, and social skills can be learned in much the same way as sports, music,…This beautifully illustrated book is for children 5-7 years.This is an excellent resource for all parents of drug users and provides the tools needed to cope with most situations. You may find this resource helpful if you are setting up a group to teach young people skills needed for aggression control.The resource outlines 8 group sessions which cover the following topics: Introduction to program Overview how anger works Identifying anger trigger & behavioural…This booklet helps parents identify the stress and anger points in their life that may get in the way of good parenting, and encourage them to find ways of coping with these.

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