Brightmail anti spam filter not updating

There are border-protection solutions that can decrease this, but the spammers will still need to connect to your infrastructure.SHS and Firstwave, as well as the Australian owned, developed and supported Mail Guard, will all stop spam (and other nasties like viruses and malware) before they even attempt to open a connection to your Exchange server.Unfortunately, as you appear to have found, Postini isn't known for their customer service.

Assuming you're running Exchange, Symantec Mail Security for Exchange with "Premium Antispam" is pretty good. Not sure on pricing, I'm using it at four SMB client sites ( RBL's spamhaus & spamcop, greylisting, clamav, greeting delay = no spam We had all our email go through a us anti spam service and had lots of problems once they upgraded to greylisting. They run Iron Port frontends together with some of their own filters.

Now we do it with a barracuda, and ever since all the guys in the office have been happy. Good technical support and good network response for mail traffic.

Been trying with RBL, Trend Micro WFBS Adv with Anti-spam on Exchange, only captures about 50-55% spam.

Cheers Gerry Are you using MS Exchange for your email server? So no matter how big/many their mailboxes, WN still charge $60 per year per domain.

After some reading around, it looks like Ironport and Brightmail have the best reputation.

The hosted version of Brightmail is now Message Labs SHS, but costs a fair bit.

The antispam updates were taking up far more bandwidth than the actual spam itself! I just tried Untangle's Spam Assassin Commtouch (commercial) solution, and it was terrible.

I posted about it on the symantec forums and it seems that's just how it is. I think SA needs a lot of training and tweaking for it to be effective.

You need to work out what's the most important feature for you and then investigate it yourself.

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