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The stay was very interesting, being that in the late evening hours we were the only occupants in the entire castle grounds. Upon our return from a family dinner at the Altes Haus in Bacharach, we stopped at a little tavern just below the castle in the village. when we made our way to the road leading up the castle heights. Needless to say, there we were, on our own with only a flashlight to guide us up the historic trial to the gate towers.

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Contrary to the legend, Dietrich of Hohenfels was not decapitated, but actually escaped.

His companions were hung on the trees in the valley by order of Rudolf von Habsburg. The king had forbidden that Reichenstein and the neighboring fortress (also a nest of robber knights) be rebuilt, but both were restored.

Reichenstein was know property of the Count Palatines, who quarreled over the rights with the Archbishop of Mainz.

IN 1344, the emperor Ludwig IV awarded the castle to Mainz.

It is difficult to say exactly how old Reichenstein really is.

The oldest building indications date the foundations from the early 11th century: Reichenstein is almost 1,000 years old.One of the most remarkable and largest castles high up is Reichenstein, situated in the wine producing village of Trechtingshausen, which can be reached from Bingen by car, boat or rail, a mere 5 km away.The almost 1000 year old history of the castle and the magnificent collections of the many and unique museum artifacts have made Reichenstein a tourist magnet.Are you looking to meet someone to start a meaningful relationship with?Zoosk makes meeting single Asian women in Keensburg easy.Mainz leased the castle several times until 1361, also to Kuno von Falkenstein, a successor of those gentlemen von Bolanden who 150 years before had been bailiffs there.

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