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Target: Create AD-Groups for Installation / Uninstallation then create Installation/Uninstallation device collection in Config Mgr and create the deployment for the application Prerequisites: Permission on Active-Directory and SCCM to create collections - run the as different user as required, Active-Directory Powershell extension, Modify the xml-file This is my first Powershell GUI that I’ll share – I’m not a Power Shell Pro so please be fair.

Run the .ps1 file with a user with write-permission in AD and the permission to create device collections and deployments in Config Mgr.

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Run the ps1 File with a user which has access to Active-Dirctory and to Config Mgr. Tab Control Cancel Event Handler] $tabcontrol Wizard_Selecting=[System.

For the PS1-File: #---------------------------------------------- #region Application Functions #---------------------------------------------- #endregion Application Functions #---------------------------------------------- # Generated Form Function #---------------------------------------------- function Show-appdeployapplication_psf $button Finish_Click= #region Events and Functions $form KURZDeployment Tool_Load= function Update-Nav Buttons $script: Deselected Index = -1 $tabcontrol Wizard_Deselecting=[System.

Text = '' $richtextbox Status.add_Text Changed($richtextbox Status_Text Changed) # # button Cancel # $button Cancel.

Use Visual Style Back Color = $True # # button Back # $button Back.

Form Border Style = 'Fixed Dialog' $form KURZDeployment Tool. Name = 'form KURZDeployment Tool' $form KURZDeployment Tool.

Client Size = '718, 645' $form KURZDeployment Tool.

You are able to use your Windows XP Professional client computer to connect to Server7 by IP address, but not by name. Server7 runs file­sharing software so that client computers can connect to it. For Setup /M: Recover Server to recover a server, you need to build the server with the same server name as the server you are recovering. To run Setup /M: Recover Server, you need to have the Exchange Server 2007 server installation files. Setup /M: Recover Server can rebuild the following server roles: CAS, Edge Transport, and Mailbox.

The user’s Windows XP Professional client computer can connect to all Windows­based network resources by name and by IP address. It cannot be used to recover a Hub Transport server.

Cancel Button = $button Cancel $form KURZDeployment Tool.

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