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She cites society’s obsession with missing Jon Benet Ramsey and young panty-less socialites (for example: Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton) as role models of the Lolita effect.

The media, and these celebrities, are teaching women (u20) that their value comes from their body and sexuality which is where the Lolita effect becomes conflicted.

There is a fine line between the empowered by pro-sex media images and being exploited by them.

Overall, Durham’s arguments were well thought out and supported.

profiles top Japanese and Korean Gothic Lolita artists working in this hugely popular area of anime and manga—all of whom eagerly discuss their work and share their thoughts on this incredible and increasingly popular genre.

Each profile includes a biography of the artist, a visual of his or her most engaging representative work, and a pictorial gallery with detailed explanations of their techniques.

Our current definition of Lolita is far from the novel’s as the girl who seduces without knowing it, who works her charm unconsciously, even unwillingly.

Now we think of Lolita as “a knowing coquette with an out of control libido”, a premature, even inappropriately sexual little girl, she is wrong– wicked even– to provoke sexual thoughts.

Also included is information on the materials used by each artist, how-to draw and illustrate guidelines, and a glossary of terms for drawing lifelike Gothic Lolita manga and anime characters.

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