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Lee would walk down and aisle and bend over to look and have her pussy bare for all to see.

Her tits would almost fall out while looking at a magazine.

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She then turned the attention to herself and sat back and put a hand under her skirt and started fingering herself. Lee just smiled and licked her lips looking at two hard cocks standing right in front of her. I could see where this was headed and loved every minute of it.

She started (very loudly) asking me to eat her pussy. She pulled her skirt up higher and let them look at her pussy while they jacked off. She shut the door and told me to take off my pants.

Not much to it, just drink, get high then get naked. I had been to the adult bookstores and had my dick sucked off by some anonymous mouth in the booth next to mine. We parked in front and walked in like we owned the place. It frightened her at first with guys practically fighting to get into the same aisle as her.

She soon realized they only wanted to look and talk (in the storefront).

However, I couldn\'t tell her all, because they would not be fantasy anymore. Thinking about my wife sucking a cock, a stranger\'s cock was keeping me hard all day long, every day. Panties were something she didn\'t even own, so she was naked underneath. We drove to the Red Letter Newsstand on Harry Hines Blvd.

We married 5 months later and now 10 years later, it feels like the first 5 months. Reading Penthouse letters, watching porn, and talking out fantasies. We talked for a week about doing various things when I mentioned an Adult Bookstore. By the end of the week, she was talking about nothing else. She wore a green bustier with a matching green skirt that was really short.

Lee reached over and opened the door again, only one guy was still there. He was looking at my cock going in and out of her pussy while she played with her tits.

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