Celebrating one year of dating

Not being in a relationship is the perfect time to tap deeper into our sensual selves.

Give yourself permission to write down all of your fantasies and discover the places you like to be touched.

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Jumpstart your 2018 with some quality me time to journal and plan.

And if you are not totally sure what your heart wants, find out with a free report at

Let friends and family know you are opting out of gifting – or delaying if you choose to grab a few items on sale after.

As the philosopher Kanye West once said, your presence is a present.

You never know what can happen when you own your single status – Meghan Markle met Prince Harry through mutual friends.

#justsaying The most important thing we do while single is develop habits that enforce our own power.

Be sure to clean out from under your bed to release any blocked energy. Not having the responsibility of the needs of another person is prime time to fall in love with yourself and discover the things you love.

Take advantage of the after Christmas sales to spoil yourself just a little.

Check out her free dating workshop for single women at

July 24 marks the one year anniversary of my marriage. It's crazy to think that it's already been a year since the historic day when my husband and I, and over 800 other LGBT couples said, "I do" here in the State of New York.

And while you are in a more roomy seat, say hello to your seatmates.

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