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Some secondary schools have a weekly drop in whilst others have a drop-in every other week.

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“Notwithstanding his record as a teacher and the steps taken to remediate his behaviours, Mr Bird’s actions appear to have been deliberate, calculated and motivated.

If you’re attending a secondary school in East Sussex, the school health service and nurses can provide you with confidential information and support about sexual health and contraception.

Although Bird admitted his actions, he said they were not sexually motivated.

The panel concluded his actions were of a sexual nature but were not a form of sexual gratification.

He then used a photograph of a 15-year-old girl to falsely represent himself and engaged in several conversations described as “inappropriate and sexually explicit”.

It is not clear what school he was at in January 2014 although he had previously been at Ratton School in Eastbourne.

Izzo is charged with attempted distribution of obscene materials to a child, a third-degree crime.

Izzo was arrested Monday and housed in the Sussex County Jail on ,000 property or ,000 cash bail. Smith, 26, of Gloucester City, and Corey Lightbody, 20, of Ewing.

When he was told she was only 13, he warned her to keep their conversations secret.

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