Chaud and yai dating

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After awakening in the year 200X he discarded his name and called himself Nobody.

Believing that the modern day Net Society stole its technology from the Atlampians and angered at its use by WWW, Net Mafia Gospel and Nebula, he believes that humanity had no future and decides to destroy the world by reviving the Atlampian's Trojan Horse.

The series officially began its run on February 28, 2005.

Like the original EXE, Kids' WB aired many episodes sporadically and out-of-order.

Trill is known as the Synchronizer, and has taken an immense liking to Mega Man for protecting him and Iris against the worshipers of Falzar and Gregar.

Eventually Trill allows Mega Man to gain the ability to Beast-Out, thus gaining the powers of either of the two beasts, but Mega Man loses control and attacks anything in sight if Iris is not there as well.

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There would be no future breaks in between new Rockman series (unlike the six-month separation between the original EXE and Axess).

The English version first aired in the United States when Kids' WB ran "sneak peek" airings of the first episode in November 2004 (and again in December).

The series is also known for having a much darker tone, more violent battles, and a much less constant cast of characters (for example, EXE regulars Dex and Yai are reduced to guest appearances).

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