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On a Taiwanese variety show to promote the album, Ming Dao admitted that he had broken up with his most recent girlfriend half a year ago.

The music video for “Suddenly Want to Love Her” , a track in Ming Dao’s album, spoke about an actor and actress developing feelings for each other on set.

At a Le Saunda footwear event in Shenzhen on Saturday, March 23, Louis was pressed by reporters to comment on the dating rumors.

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Chen qiao en ming dao dating

Their differences in income also became a strenuous factor.

It was said that Cecilia’s mother pressured her to break up with him, and the couple finally broke up in 2010, shortly before the filming of Bu Bu Jing Xin Cecilia and Ming Dao’s Relationship In early 2013, Cecilia admitted to dating someone “in the last two years”, but did not clarify whether her recent relationship was the one with Ah Wing.

The netizen claimed that Cecilia was deeply in love with Ah Wing, and the couple stayed strong for three years.

However, as Cecilia’s career was taking flight, her mother did not approve their relationship.

Cecilia and Ming Dao, who portray a couple in the series, may have developed real feelings for each other during filming.

It is estimated that they dated for almost one and a half years before breaking up in mid-2013.Their appearance attracted pedestrians; the girl was suspected to be Cecilia.Ming Dao Sings About Lost Love After announcing her relationship with Nicky Wu in November 2013, Ming Dao released his first solo album Lovelorn Aesthetics in December.When the filming of An Angel’s Happiness was near completion, extra actors of the drama, who were also fans of the actors, claimed that they spotted Ming Dao and Cecilia talking quietly in an empty hallway.Ming Dao and Cecilia were concerned about leaving each other and were discussing about what they should do afterwards.On February 26, 2012, the day of Ming Dao’s 32 birthday, Cecilia posted a happy birthday message to Ming Dao on her Weibo at exactly .

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