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Wide variations exist throughout China, but the vast majority of full-course dinners are very similar in terms of timing and dishes. Two or more small dishes are brought to the table, holding boiled unsalted peanuts, salted roasted peanuts, or similar dishes.These may be consumed while ordering, or while waiting for other dishes to arrive.One should try to avoid moving the Lazy Susan even slightly when someone is in the act of transferring food from the dishes to their plate or bowl.

Even within Mainland China, there are many customs and protocols involved in formal dining, applying to almost all aspects of the experience, from guest seating to paying the bill.

In most traditional Chinese dining, dishes are shared communally.

There will sometimes be one set of communal chopsticks per dish or one set per course. In most restaurants in Chinese countries, there is no tip required unless it is explicitly posted.

Usually, if there is a tip required, it will already be on your bill.

Customs and etiquette in Chinese dining are the traditional behaviors observed while eating in Greater China.

Traditional Han customs have spread throughout East Asia, but sometimes evolved differently – especially following the Communist revolution that produced the PRC.

( A Lazy Susan is a circular rotating tray placed at the center of a table and used to easily share a large number of dishes among the diners.

A Lazy Susan can be made from many materials, but most often they are constructed of glass, wood, or plastic.

At homes and low-end restaurants, napkins may consist of tissues or occasionally must be provided by the dinner.

High restaurants often provide cloth napkins similar to western dining as part of the place-settings.

However, in formal settings, alcohol should be consumed during toasts.

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