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Thus they were informed of our purpose and when they heard the Rebel yell they were to rush down into the lower yard and join in the fight.

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Therapist Paula La Fond from Women’s Resource Center at YWCA offered her professional experience.

Trauma can elicit several reactions: Fight, Flight, […] Note: This is reposted with permission from Bitter Blush. Post-graduate life has presented few challenges for me as an […] Note: This is reposted with permission from Bitter Blush. It’s a question a child might ask, but it’s not a childish question.

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This talk was about physical, emotional, and financial safety in the realm of dating. Carla was on hand to speak of her date rape experiences. Why do some offices require business attire, and why […] Sex Positive St. While we reserve the right to fight for the political causes we believe in, in our six year history we have not seen fit to endorse any particular political candidate or party.

Grimes having a $2000 bounty on his head as well as a death sentence, was on more than one occasion captured behind enemy lines.

Furthermore, he displayed an amazing ability to escape from Yankee prisons.

Earlier he escaped from a Federal prison in Springfield, Mo and another in Cairo, Illinois.

He served twice at Gratiot Street, on the first occasion he successfully escaped, but on his second confinement he was shot in the attempt.

At the hour of the attack they were in the upper yard.

Carlin was in the lead and he was prepared for the guard.

In 1234, he married Margaret, the virtuous daughter of Raymond Berenger, Count of Provence, and two years later he took the reigns of government into his own hands.

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