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Some examples are, Each person is to find someone in the room who will perform the task. The people who perform the task are to sign next to that statement.

The first person who fills the entire sheet with signatures is the winner.

However, if the ball is caught, the thrower is out.

The game ends when one team’s members are all out, or you can set a time limit.

The team with the most points at the end of a specific time wins.

A game suitable for teams or for using with two volunteers, this children’s church ice breaker provides a great deal of fun.

The players can then advise each other to change cards. King or Ace) to change to another card, because the person with the smallest card loses. The winner is the last player left – the one with the smallest card.

Those colored multi-page grocery store ads become the tools for this fun icebreaker game.

A Christian icebreaker game that is fun and teaches adult players something about the members of the group, Autographs takes a bit of preparation.

Once you have your sheet created, you can use it multiple times.

You may need to have everyone introduce themselves before drawing begins if you group does not know each other well.

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